Highlights and Upcoming Events
“White Summer”
Date: 10.07.2014
For marking the start of this year's tourist season in Ohrid, our city representative responsible for tourism and local economic development organized culture event called “White Summer”. This manifestation held on 4-th of July, second year in a roll.
Enjoyable party, reduced prices in the coffee bars and evening concert on the city square of the music band "Nockout” were just several segments of the manifestation. In addition, promotion of the traditional crafts on the small square officially launched this year's event, "White Summer". Therefore, this manifestation that perfectly connects the tradition and the modern culture remarkable for our city, slowly but surely becomes a recognizable brand for Ohrid. Beside the leading goal of providing entertainment for all local citizens and tourists, for the young and adults at same time, this event contributes to enrichment of the touristic offer for increasing the number of the regional tourists. During the activities, catering, coffee-bars facilities offered a discount on their services by 30 percent, which contributed and provided with citizens massive presence. Besides the guys from the music band "Nockout" before the citizens of Ohrid and guests with their own set was performed DJ – NASTI. Our city management will take care this cultural event “White Summer” to continue in future with reaching much more attractiveness.
Date: 23.01.2014
The celebration of Epiphany in Ohrid is one of the most massive churches - religious events in Orthodoxy according to the number of visitors for the act of consecration of the lake water and the number of believers and visitors who regardless of the cold winter temperatures are entering in the lake to catch the Holy Cross.
The celebration officially started with a spectacular concert of famous Serbian singer Zeljko Joksimovic and Daniel Kajmakoski on 17th of January in the sports centre “Biljanini Izvori”, On great audience admiration the famous singer Zeljko and Daniel sang the famous folk song for Ohrid, “Lihnida kajce veslase”. In honor of this great Orthodox holiday on 18th of January in the Center of Culture “Grigor Prlicev “a concert of spiritual music was performed by the choir “St. Zlata Meglenska” On 19th of January over 20.000 believers from the country and abroad, representatives of the diplomatic core, representatives from government among which the prime minister Mr. Nikola Gruevski, the parliament speaker Mr.Trajko Veljanoski, ministers, parlament representatives and numerous citizens of Ohrid attended the act of consecration of the lake and catching of the Holy Cross on the city port. The luckiest catcher of the Holy Cross among 1000 swimmers from Ohrid ,other Macedonian cities and foreign visitors was the 24 year old Petar Rupevski from Ohrid. With music and songs in the spirit of Christian festivities began the celebration of the second day of Epiphany – Vodici, known as the Day of Fishermen. The professors and students from secondary school of hospitality and catering “Vanco Pitosheski” prepared two tones of fish stew and on the small city square fish plasica and 1000 beautifully packages of traditional food specialty – trotters prepared by the students of Faculty for tourism and catering in Ohrid were offered to visitors.. We hope that from this year the Day of Fisherman will be more massive attended and it will be transformed into a world tourist event. Once again I take this opportunity to thank to the Association for promotion of Macedonian Orthodox Church “Epiphany”, the Red Cross, the Port authority , the Diving club “Amphora”, the Sector of interior affairs in Ohrid and all other legal subjects who actively participated in this four day celebration of Epiphany – Vodici, said the Mayor of Ohrid – Mr. Nikola Bakracheski. The culmination of the event was achieved by traditional group swimming for the five wooden casks of wine in the lake. Petar Rupeski was again the luckiest one, because he first managed to catch the wooden cask with red wine. He received a replica of the Holy Cross by the Society for promoting of the religious event “Epiphany” and the Mayor of Ohrid Mr. Nikola Bakraceski who was one of the Epiphany godfathers this year gave him a gold coin with the image of St. John the Baptist. Organizers said that there was a record number of 20 000 visitors for the holiday in Ohrid.
Date: 14.01.2014
This year's celebration of the Christian feast "Epiphany " and Day of fishermen will be supplemented with new content that will be implemented in cooperation with local government, hotel and catering and business community guild.
- Municipality of Ohrid, this year, in cooperation with the business community engaged in organization of new content that should enrich the offer before the largest scale church-National ceremony for sanctifying the waters of the lake on holiday "Epiphany" On Thursday 17th - January, in the sports hall "Biljanini izvori" at 09:00 pm will take place concert of Balkans music star Zeljko Joksimovic, and on Saturday the 18th of January in the Cultural Center " Grigor Prlicev" at 7:30 pm guest choir "St. Zlata Meglenska "- said at a press conference, Djoko Apostolov, head of the Department of Tourism and Local Economic Development-Local Government. Association of Citizens for the full affirmation of the MPC-OA "Epiphany" announced that the finished preparations for two great events and expect the act of throwing the Holy Cross in the waters of the lake, there are over a thousand swimmers from Ohrid and other cities in Macedonia as well as tourists, mostly from neighboring countries. The act of throwing the Holy Cross and the consecration of the waters of the lake will take place on 19 - January, the "Epiphany" in 10 :15 am of the city port. This event will precede worship services in Ohrid churches which then litijski processions will arrive at the port-noted Dimitar Pendov of Association "Epiphany". He added that everything is ready for the Day of fishermen. Traditionally manifestation of Saraishte will begin with group baptism at 1 pm and on 3 pm is planned capturing the the barrel with wine. This year, the donor its fish stew that applied for a Guinness World Record is "Royal View". Will be ready around 7 thousand meals fish stew and a tone of plasica, part of which together with the Red Cross will be distributed to kindergartens, health care institutions and socially vulnerable groups. For entertainment on the Day of fishermen will ensure that some Ohrid groups , who play traditional music. The press conference was emphasized that almost 90 percent of the hotels have reduced prices by 12 euros for bed and breakfast and has discounts in the catering objects. The purpose is to attract a larger number tourists and continue winter tourist season.
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