Organized by Municipality of Ohrid, Sector for Tourism and LED, again this year the manifestations “Days of honey”, Wine and Cheese and Ohrid craft Expo will be held from 7th till 14th of August, 2018 on the square “Krushevska Republika”. The visitors of these manifestations will have the opportunity to be acquainted with the local products of this region.

The manifestation “Days of honey” will be held from 7th till 9th of August, 2018 on which there will be promotions of honey and honey product, and this will also will be a good occasion for the residents and tourists to taste quality honey and products of honey.

The Festival “Wine and cheese 2018” will be held from 10th till 11th of August, 2018 this festival has all the preferences for a unique regional mini fair on which there will be a presentation of wine and cheese from the cross border region Ohrid – Prespa, as a part of the traditional gastronomy and because of its benefits it is expected to grow in significant tourism event in Ohrid, and a good opportunity for presentation of the new techniques of marketing and sales, inspiring of partnerships and new stimulation measures

Right after the festival “Wine and cheese 2018” in continuity is the manifestation “Ohrid craft expo” 12th till 14th of August 2018. The goal of this manifestation is to promote the craftsmanship, their products and services, to get the crafts closer to the young people, to the citizens and institutions, to inspire continuous campaign for promotion of the craftsmanship as a factor for economic development for keeping alive the tradition and culture of our country, as well as improvement of the quality of life of the people who are in the craftsmanship business   

The program will be enriched with a performance of the ensemble Biljana Junior and the orchestra Klime Sadilo.














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