The mayor of Ohrid, Konstantin Georgieski, sent a congratulation note to the members of the Serbian community for the holiday of Saint Sava.

– On behalf of the citizens of the municipality of Ohrid and in my personal name, I send you sincere congratulations and I wish you to spend this holiday in peace, family happiness, well-being and good thought.

The day of the first Serbian archbishop is an opportunity to emphasize that the Serbian community, as an inseparable part of the city, together with other communities, actively contributes to the coexistence in our society.

St. Sava left a significant mark in the development and growth of the Serbian community, which with respect and attention is celebrating this day. With his enlightenment  activity, he has left big values that go beyond all ethnic frames, serving as an example for all communities who living in these areas.

Let his work and values continue to be а spiritual and cultural fortress and incentive your contribution to  bilding of a better municipality of Ohrid.