Explore in the depths of the hidden beauty

The flat areas around Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa offer a wide network of paths and roads that are readily available for use as walking and cycling trails by all levels of ability and age groups. The local mountains rise to over 2000 meters. Climb to the summit and enjoy breathtaking views of the lakes and numerous quaint villages. Take a deep breath of fresh air and smell wild flowers with the wind whispering in your ears. See a variety of unusual birds, and let their haunting song transport your senses into an aura of tranquillity. The Heritage Trails will take you to many villages where you can experience rural life in Macedonia. Local guides and maps are available from our travel agent. Among the most enjoyable trails are those going through Galicica National Park between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, in the mountains west of Struga around Vevcani, and in the traditional village of Brajcino above Lake Prespa. Whatever your level of fitness, whatever terrain you enjoy walking or bicycling on, you will have the opportunity to observe a rural way of life that has been relatively unchanged for more than a hundred years. You can always take a boat trip and visit some of the localities around the lakes or drift on the lake and take in the stunning scenery.

Choose a trail and embark on a personal discovery of the natural and cultural heritage of the Macedonian Lakeland. Discover the source of Slav literacy and culture and the richness of Byzantine art among the world’s most highly prized religious frescos and icons. Dive into the clear waters of the lakes. Enjoy the unique taste of the Ohrid trout or Lake Prespa carp. Walk amid the peaceful and ancient hills. Savour the breathtaking scenery. Breathe in the fresh air. And, drink from the cool mountain springs.

Observing Lake Ohrid, illuminated by the sun at any time of the year, one gets the impression that it has just been born, no matter that it came into being million of years ago. In its blue waters there is a plant and animal kingdom known today only through fossils.

The nature of Lake Ohrid’s formation is also of interest. It came about as a result of the vertical sinking of the land. Only a relatively small number of lakes have been formed in this fashion. Lake Baikal in Siberia in Russia, the deepest lake, which is several hundred times larger than Lake Ohrid, came about in this way. The waters of the two lakes are inhabited by similar flora and fauna.

The National park “Galicica” is located between the two ancient Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa. In 1958 it was designated as a National park because of its very high biodiversity, extremely rich flora and fauna and exceptional natural beauty. Take a walk through the grounds of the Park, and at every step you can find rare herbs rich with ethereal oils, colourful carpets of mountain flowers, wild fruits, or you can simply enjoy the serenity and the breathtaking views.