Traditionally in the village center there was an opening of the jubilee 30th poet night in Velestovo, one of the rare culture manifestations in Republic of Macedonia which is merging poetic word with the painting art. On the beginning of the manifestation in the name of municipality of Ohrid there was a statement from the member of the municipal council Zhivka Angeloska.

On the poet night in Velestovo the newest Macedonian poetry was presented with the performance of the poets Jovica Ivanovski, Tihomir Janchovski, Elizabeta Bakovska, Nikolina Andova Shopova, Gjoko Zdravevski and Istok Ulchar. On the porch of the church “St. Holy Mother of God” there was an artistic exhibition “15 years art point gumno” with pieces from artists from all around the world, in the music part there was the performer Goran Papaz.