This year’s edition of “White Night” will take place on 14 th of July and will mark the official start of the main tourist season in Ohrid. An extremely rich program is envisaged, for this year, thus we hope this happening will be a valuable announcement of what is expected during this summer. It will start at 18:00 o’clock with performance of DJ Gec and several other local DJs, after which, at 9:00 pm there will be a welcome speech by PhD. Jovan Stojanoski, Mayor, at the City Square, so officially will be opened the event “White Night – 2018”. After the inauguration the event will continue with another block of music, than the concert of Massimo Savic will begin at 9:30 in the Antique Theater, furthermore, this concert will be broadcast directly to the video beam on the main stage of the City Square.

Right away after Massimo’s concert, on the main city stage will take place the Dj Nasty, Dj DeLuxe’s with their sets, followed by the set of Dj Jane. The star of the evening is the German superstar – DJ Tomcraft, he will take the stage at 00:00. About the after – party, will take care the Dj Regie Rules.

Throughout the event we will have fun with street artists, acrobats and such who will give their mark during the night with many fireworks and pyrotechnic activities.

What will be extremely interesting is the layout of the stage, which will be in the waters of the lake (on ship). On the stage there will be a video beam and proper sound system.

The decorating of the old part of the city will be appropriate and will be marked the entire path with white stripes and appropriate promotional material from the A Antique Theater to the square where the party continues and all the roads from the old part of the city will lead to the city center where it will be the main part of the program.

Dress code recommended: Everyone in white clothes

Program for “White Night 2018” – official start of the tourist season in Ohrid

– July 14, 2018

(18:00 – 04:00 hours)

Main events:

– start of the event at  18:00 o’clock with the performance of local DJs (Dj Gec, Dj Juksel, Dj Toni)

– official opening of the event by Mayor,  Jovan Stojanoski – 21:00

– Dj Face Hip Hop 21:00 – 21:30

– Concert by Massimo Savic (Antique Theater from 21:30 to 23:00). It will be transmitted live to a video beam on the stage

– Dj Nasty DeLuxe 30 minutes set

– Dj Jane 30 minutes set

– Dj Tomcraft (00:00 – 03:00)

–  Dj Regie Rules (after party)