With numerous activities the Municipality of Ohrid, was  promoted at the 41st edition of the International Belgrade Tourism Fair, from 21st to 24th February.

After the official opening of the fair, in the famous Belgrade restaurant “Amphora”was held  the traditional “Ohrid evening”. At this event was participated the invited guests from the tourist guild and diplomatic representatives from several countries.

– I wish you warm welcome to the traditional “Ohrid evening”. In this ambient filled with Old town music and Ohrid culinary specialties, you can feel the spirit of ancient Ohrid, right here in the heart of Belgrade, said Mayor of Ohrid Konstantin Georgieski.

Within the fair, in one of the conferention room was organized a special promotion of the Ohrid turistic offer. In the past and today in Ohrid come seekers of beauty from all over the world.When they leave with themselves they take the indelible impressions. There are numerous world-famous names and they write their mark in a millennium mosaic of Ohrid and Ohrid Lake. Our generation has a strong determination to preserve the protected cultural and natural rarities by UNESCO. But also we must to development sustainable strategies for their presentation for enriching the forms of the tourist offer.Apart from the traditional, we create alternative forms of tourism, in order to have an attractive offer for domestic and foreign tourists. In parallel, we are working to improve the infrastructure and we undertake activities to increase the number of lines at the airport in Ohrid. Here, the  tourists can visit culturally historical monuments from the Neolithic to the present, to enjoy by the beautiful Ohrid Lake, climb to the Galichica Mountain and at the same time watch the Ohrid and Prespa Lake. In the coastal and rural environments, guests can take a ride, recreate and  taste the specialties of traditional cuisine. Full with emotion and positive energy, the turists can  finish the day with good food, drinks and beautiful old town song in the Ohrid restaurants or have fun in numerous cafes, discos and nightclubs , said at the promotion Mayor Konstantin Georgieski.

Within the Tourism Fair, was noted a lot of interest  for Ohrid, from the visitors and representatives of the tourism business community.  Special interest for Ohrid was expressed by the media. The Belgrade Tourism Fair is the largest tourist event in the countries of Southeast Europe. The fair meets the world standards in this business and builds the partnership relations for the exhibitors. This year on the fair was 250 foreign participants from 43 countries of the world.