Sport Centres

CSR “Biljanini Izvori”

Address: boul. Turisticka bb, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia
Phone: 046 231 535; mobile: 078 261 164
Fax: 046 231 535

The Centre for sport & recreation “Biljanini Izvori” (Biljana’s Springs) disposes with many possibilities for sport and recreation of all interested citizens, guests and sport associations. It is located at the exit of Ohrid in the mountain base of Galicica, above see level of 695 m, with ideal climate conditions during the whole year (232 sunny days in year). The infrastructure of the Centre for sport & recreation creates excellent conditions for professional and recreational use, as well as possibilities for organising cultural, music and other alternative events.

The Sports Arena with the last improvements has gotten its long awaited multifunctionality, so now except the content that was offered for team sports (basketball, handball, volleyball and small football), it disposes with new small arena, which is convenient for training and recreation with the individual sports (karate, fighting, taekwondo). Also, the Sports Arena disposes with teretana and sauna, as well as with ping-pong room, with two modern ping-pong tables. After the construction of man-made rock (which is in progress), this content would be offered, too.

The City Stadium has got excellent conditions for the football teams; the field is one of the most beautiful ones in Macedonia. With the placing of athletic running track, the only one in Macedonia, the possibility for development of the ‘queen of the sports’ has been created and everyone that would like to run recreationally or professionally, has a nice possibility to do that on the City Stadium “Biljanini Izvori”.

The Centre for sport & recreation has been a host of many sport and cultural events, as the following ones:
• Men’s Youth Basketball European Championship – 2000 year
• Men’s Youth Handball European Championship – 2007 year
• Women’s Senior Handball European Championship – 2008 year
• Women’s Cadet Handball World Championship – 2008 year
• Lenny Kravitz Concert – 2008 year
• Bob Sinclar Concert – 2009 year
• Balkan police sport games

Sport Clubs

Rowing Club “JUG”
str. “Kosta Abrash” 26
Contact person: Klime Matiloski
phone: 046/261-217

Kayak & Canoe Club “Strmec”
str. “Kosta Abrash” 26
Contact person: Rade Poposki,
Phone: 071/509-958

Sportfishing Club “Ribarska Vistina”

str. Karpos Vojvoda 37/21 Ohrid
Contact person: Darko Dimitrievski
Phone: 076/405-381 077/566-500

Kayak Club “Ribar”

s. Trpejca

Kayak Club “Pestani”

s. Pestani

Sailing Club АМАК SP “Bofor”

str. “15-th Korpus” bb
Phone: 046-262-008 , 070-212-298

Sportfishing Club “Sv. Apostol Petar”

boul. Turisticka 4/1-1 Ohrid
Contact person: Radovan Dimitrievski
Phone, fax: 046-268-157, 046- 258-991

Football Club “Voska Juniors”

stadium “Grasnica” – Voska
Contact person: Riste Trajkoski
Phone: 071/211-100

Football Club “Ohrid 2004”

CSR “Biljanini Izvori”
Contact person: Sasho Alce

Football Club “Voska 2002”

str. “Vasil Stefoski” bb
Contact person: Nedim Polozani
Phone: 075/427-282

Football Club “Leskoec”

s. Leskoec

Football Club “Rudar”

s. Kuratica
Contact person: Goce Petkoski

Football Club “Borec”

s. Velgosti
Contact person: Zdravko Nikoloski

Athletic Club “Ohrid”

CSR “Biljanini Izvori”
Contact person: Vlatko Dimitrov
Phone: 070/714-828

Boxing Club “Ohrid”

Contact person: Dimce Stojkoski
Phone: 046/262-863

Tennis Club “Ohrid”

CSR “Biljanini Izvori”
Contact person: Milivoj Krsteski
Phone: 046/263-263 ; 070/876-890

Ping-Pong Club “Ohrid”

Contact person: Vlatko Simeonov
Phone: 046/256-626, 070/307-128

Carate Club “Chole”
Taekwondo Club “Hvarang”

s. Leskoec
Contact person: Ljupco Lazareski

Sports Union

Contact person: Toni Ivanoski – president
Phone: 046/262-923

School Sports Union

Contact person: Pece Georgieski – president
Phone: 070/592-70

Football Municipality Union

Contact person: Dime Poposki – president
Phone: 070/225-226