Sport recreational and walking track straching from the channel Studentcista to Gorica – was Officaly Open

With appropriate ceremony and with children’s performance of play and songs from the kindergarten “Jasna Risteska” was put in use the walking and recreational track from the channel Studencista to Gorica. Without hiding his satisfaction about the realization of this project, in his speech, Mayor Nicholas Bakracheski noted that this pathway has long been citizens’ need and demand. I know that each of you have experienced the pleasure of walking, running, playing sports, recreation on this track and everything this recreational area offers about the citizens, hence I believe that all of them share my sense of satisfaction. Ohrid has very reach and beautiful nature, god does not spared when created the nature here, beside the nature he gave intelligence how this nature we can adequately use and enjoy its pleasures. … said Mayor Nikola Bakracheski. The walking pathway is long 1390 m. and wide 12 m. with two paths for bicycles and roller skates, in the middle the track is a horticultural arrange and light up. Along the entire length has a skate park, fitness area and soon a new playground should be build. The entire project cost 41.116.880 den. of which 14.000.000 den. were provided through the IPA cross-border cooperation with neighboring Greece.