For the duration of the program regarding the great Christian feast of Epiphany – Epiphany, Municipality of Ohrid is organizing a big concert of Balkan music star Peter Grasho, which will take place on the eve of the holiday on January 18th at 8 pm at St. Clement’s Square. Ohrid ”.

On January 19, the feast day, starting at 10:00 am at the City Port, a large church-folk gathering will be held on the occasion of the Epiphany  and the traditional throwing of the Holy Cross into the waters of Lake Ohrid.

In the direction of enriching the contents for the guests, on January 20th, as part of the Fishermen’s Day celebration, at St. John the Baptist, a concert of Macedonian folk star Mile Kuzmanoski will take place at 12:00 pm in the City Square.